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Hello Dear Reader!

I am Gill – The Rambling Red.

I am the mummy of two young boys – a 3 year and 6 year old.  I am a wife.  I work five days a week.  Quite frankly, I am bloody knackered.

I have big dreams of having well-behaved kids, a romantic marriage, an organised house, a successful career and perfectly painted nails with no chips.  Oh PANTS!

I love to sit back and observe the stupidity of my life.  The daily panic.  Constant ironies…  There’s plenty of it.  I ruminate continually – thoughts swirling around my neurotic mind.  I love to discuss the world’s madness with my friends over a big, fat glass of wine.  BUT… mostly I love to write about it.  It’s just a shame that I don’t have any time throughout each day.  My saving, blog-writing, grace?  Insomnia.

I would love to hear from you, you gorgeous reader.  Pretty please, join me on my blogging journey and contact me with your comments, your experiences, your own blog!  Or even better… send over some suggestions for writing.  You now know, I love to talk.  I love to write.  However, it’s your fabulous ideas that make the life of blogging… interesting!

Hope to speak soon…

Gill x.

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